Via DS Trader App, Data Stocks Inc offers ethical businesses the ability to rent behavioral data from individuals WITH CONSENT in order to interact current customers, competitor's customer, and future customers.

Data Stocks | Trader

Your Business + DS Trader

  • Increase Market Share

    Increase your market share by understanding your competitors client habits and potential customers. Plan and release your next marketing campaign by safely renting your competitors customers data and viewing their trends and group habits in real-time.

  • Grow Into New Markets

    Identify new markets and increase the probability of success of new product introductions. Safely rent targeted non-customers data and view their trends and group habits in real-time.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty

    Increase your customers loyalty by understand their habits. Safely rent their data and viewing their trends and group habits in order to cater to them and modify your product offerings in real-time.

  • “One Stop” Data Rental Shop

    Find and rent all types of data from multiple sources in location, like Netflix, Visa, Facebook, Chrome, iMaps, and many others.

  • Easy to Mix and Rent Big Data

    Easily mix data rentals. Combine all the data sets and data points that you want in a one of Data Stocks’s safe rental environment.

  • BI "Plug & Play"

    Select any of the Top 10 BI. Monitor rented mix data from many innovative angles to produce insights about your customers, your competitors’ customers, and none-customers.

Data Stocks | Extra

For Clients that want us to go the Extra Mile with additional services.

Your Business + DS Extra

  • Top 10 Global Keywords

    Get your website to the Top. You and your competitors are fighting to be the King of the Hill on particular keywords in all search engines. Join us and let us establish your dominion.

  • 80+/100 SEO Score Website

    Every website has an SEO score. Not everyone knows that. We can guarantee that we can upgrade and tune your website to reach a SEO score of 80 or above.

  • 80+/100 Speed Score Website

    Customers and Search Engines care about speed. The more content, pictures, and widgets you add to the side, the slower it gets. We can guarantee that we can accelerate your website to reach a Speed score of 80 or above.

  • Analyzers

    FThere are several analyzers. Some are free and some requirements. Regardless, we will use them to view your site in a 360° inspection and detections of errors and issues.

  • Coding & Widgets

    Our expert team will create seamless code and implement the right widgets for your sites requirements, whether WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and/or custom sites.

  • Reports

    Progress and Improvements do not happen over night. In this process, we will monitor and report your site until we reached the value promised.