Data Stocks - Focus Groups that Make Money using our DS mobile money app


Because data is money and we create data on a daily basis, why not OPT-IN and safely rent your data for money? Data Stocks gives you the tools to control what you want to do with your data, which also includes OPT-OUT.

What Individuals Get

  • Money for OPT-IN Data

    Rent out your data by OPT-IN and get money. We pay Data Stock app users when the safely enter data deals. Each deal has criteria and monthly income for any user.

  • Privacy & Security (OPT-IN & OPT-OUT)

    Security and Privacy is highly important to all of us in both OPT-IN and OPT-OUT. Thus, we provide ID protection, anonymization, Top SSL encryption, and other features to ensure your OPT-IN or OPT-OUT choices are respected and secured.

  • Name Your Price

    Name your price on your OPT-IN data. Ask for what you want and we will broker. Our advance PRO app will let you know where you stand and what is best.

  • LIGHT Mobile Money App – Beginners

    This is a money app. Download our free DS LIGHT, choose to either OPT-IN or OPT-OUT. LIGHT users can the safely enter data deals and get money when OPT-IN.

  • PRO Mobile Money App – Skilled

    Download DS PRO and take your data control to another level. PRO User can rent out their OPT-IN data for more money by negotiating, checking markets, and increase profits from trends.

  • New Laws

    The FCC and GDPR released new regulations that protect our data rights and privacy rights. As your data brokers, we will use these new laws to ensure compliance with OPT-IN and OPT-OUT, and more.