Data Stocks Inc - Global Data Rentals and Data Trading

Our Vision

What Investors Get

  • Unique & Protected Value Prop

    Data is the new "Oil" and Data Rentals are the best route to handle this new commodity. Data Stocks provides the safest channel for data producers to rent out data, and the easiest way for data demanders to acquire and review it.

  • +500% ROIs

    This is a new market that will be wildly profitable and exciting. Several highly conservative 5-year market forecasts and financial models on average projected ROI of 548% with positive NPVs.

  • Growing Global TAM

    We focus on enterprises that want to enter new markets, see their competitors' clients, and/or outsource their Big Data capabilities. These under-served markets represent a Total Available Market of $100B+ and growing.

  • Exceptional Business Model

    Our main revenue source, out of 5 strategies, is brokering Data Deals on a cost-plus 25% commission. Then, app advertising. Followed by PRO sales.

  • Christian Values & Culture

    We are a Christian Corporation. This means that traditional maximization of shareholders' wealth must align with basic Christian Principles, life, and human dignity.

  • IP Protection

    Data Rentals and Data Brokering are a new and novel methods that are patentable and can improved upon for further patentable innovation.

Our Business Model

A Word to Investors & Financials

Our goal to make Data Stocks the #1 trusted name in Data Rentals and Data Brokering. Thus, we are only interested in virtuous investors, who are willing to follow the best practices that help humanity reach its highest positive manifestation in action, spirit, and wealth. This means that traditional maximization of shareholder's wealth must and will align with basic Christian Principles, life, and human dignity.

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