Data Stocks Inc - Global Data Rentals and Data Trading via Focus Groups

Our Vision

What Investors Get

  • Unique & Protected Value Prop

    Data is the new "Oil" and Data Rentals are the best route to handle this new commodity. Data Stocks provides the safest channel for data producers to rent out data, and the easiest way for data demanders to acquire and review it.

  • +500% ROIs

    This is a new market that will be wildly profitable and exciting. Several highly conservative 5-year market forecasts and financial models on average projected ROI of 548% with positive NPVs.

  • Growing Global TAM

    We focus on enterprises that want to enter new markets, see their competitors' clients, and/or outsource their Big Data capabilities. These under-served markets represent a Total Available Market of $100B+ and growing.

  • Exceptional Business Model

    Our main revenue source, out of 5 strategies, is brokering Data Deals on a cost-plus 25% commission. Then, app advertising. Followed by PRO sales.

  • Christian Values & Culture

    We are a Christian Corporation. This means that traditional maximization of shareholders' wealth must align with basic Christian Principles, life, and human dignity.

  • IP Protection

    Data Rentals and Data Brokering are a new and novel methods that are patentable and can improved upon for further patentable innovation.

Our Patent-Pending Methods

Timeline + Tech

To be honest, 95% of the technology is not new.

For example, encryption technologies were created in World War II.

The game-changer is how these technologies are used together to your benefit.

They have have never been used to give people control of the data they produce nor for data rentals.

Our methods and that additional 5% of technology are patentable and been submitted to the United States Patents & Trademarks Office (USPTO). Above all, our tech makes data renting secure, accessible, and ensure payments to users. You try data brokering for massive focus groups of 50,000 people with pen and paper. Tech and safety measures have also been designed, because at the end of the day, people have to be paid for their data. With this flow of data we will get a paid a commission, which goes to system sustainment, security, and development.

To give users a peace of mind during any crisis, such as, elite black hat hackers, our technology will allow the user to delete their personal data at any time. As simple as one click, like clearing the history cache in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Yes, that may mean you will not get paid because you deleted all your data from the system, but that will be your choice. I am just your data broker.

The timeline for the 5% of new technology is a matter of funding. With the $1,000,000, I can assemble an international team of 7 veteran developers. I will provide them with: A Master Plan; A Business Plan; An IT Architectural Diagram; Two Patent Packages of definitions, drawings, and specifications; 130 page UX/UI Guide; User flow Path Maps; A fully developed PHP website; A functioning admin SaaS centralized module; Multiple prototypes; And more. They will be well paid, well equipped, and well guided. We plan to follow this timeline:

Funding Date + 3 Months = DS Mobile App Light in Apple Store

Funding Date + 6 Months = DS Mobile App PRO in Apple Store

Funding Date + 9 Months = DS Mobile App Light in Google Play

Funding Date + 12 Months = DS Mobile App PRO in Google Play

Funding Date + 18 Months = 10 Mass Focus Groups via Data Deals

Our Financials, Pitch Deck, Executive Summary are available in