Test our BETA make money.

Were you getting paid for your data?

Well, now you can. Rent it out and get money.It like a survey without questions.

Join our Beta and you will get PRO for FREE(value of $9.99) upon release. And rent out your data like a PRO.

PRO Benefits

  • Name your Price
  • View Data Markets
  • Ride the Data Markets

Welcome to Our Mobile App

When you download the app and activate your data stocks, we will begin in order to rent your data out with businesses, which have agreed to our Policies, Agreement, and Regulations. For every data deal that you qualify, we send you the money associated. You will need a Paypal account.
We have high security standards and several control mechanisms in our system, such as 1.) Data Rental System. 2.) Advanced Encryption Standards. 3.) Data Anonymization. 4.) Privacy management. 5.) Data storage Decentaralization. 6.) Data Aggregation.
Only data about your activities. When businesses agree to a data deal and begin renting out data from a market segment, they will only see and play with the data about that segment's activities in order to answer legitimate business questions. Data not related to this goal nor within the boundaries of our Policies, Agreements, and Regulations are deleted, filtered out, and/or never collected.
Our initial goal is to get any mobile apps user paid between $20 to $40 per month. That will depend on how many data stocks you activate, if you are using LIGHT or PRO, how many Data Deal you qualify for, and other variables. But, that is our goal.